Castellano was born in a small artisan workshop of Madrid where all the shoes were handmade by craftsmen, from the design of the last to the finishing of the shoe.

The process of manufacturing began with the measurement of the feet of the customers to produce the wooden lasts according to these measures. After that, the craftsmen developed the patterns to dress up the lasts with top quality materials from the best tanneries and leather soles from Igualada (Barcelona), obtaining a product of exceptional quality. Finally, the hand finishing with different waxes and creams made these shoes a top product very difficult to imitate.

Already in the 50s in Madrid there was a loyal customer base who ordered regularly their moccasins, mens and ladies, to Castellano, sign of being a leading brand.

At the end of the 1960s and beginning of the 1970s Castellano put at the disposal of the youth from Madrid, its famous moccasins made with pony leather with big fringes and tassels combined with the different accessories of Castellano (pins, bags…) becoming a benchmark brand between the feminine customers that looked for artisan and quality products. 

In 1983 a pair of shoes of reference was born breaking all the canons of the shoe industry in Spain, the style 200. Its ‘Entrecarne’ hand-sewn and its pointed toecap took this style to become the top selling pair of shoes of the following decade, being imitated by innumerable companies. At present along with this model Castellano sells the style 2200 with a little higher vamp than style 200.

In 1989, the style 800 with its rounded last and a higher vamp became the top selling style of our brand until the present. Its last and the quality of its leathers made these shoes a reference in the national footwear market increasing sales year by year and reaching an annual production of 20.000 pairs nowdays. 

And this is not all, Castellano doesn’t stop innovating and presenting new styles every season that you will be able to see on our website and which we put at your disposal as the style L100, TRICALCE or the style 3511 made with leathers from Padrón (Galicia) and handcrafted as we did in our beginnings in 1920.

From 1920 Castellano puts the hands of its craftsmen dedicated to your feet, it is a different way of wearing shoes, the craft made shoe. And remember, only it is Castellano if it is branded Castellano.