• 1.Selection of Leathers
  • 2.Leather Clicking
  • 3.Stitching Process
  • 4.Hand-Lasting
  • 5.Cut Away
  • 6.Remove the Remaining Leather
  • 7.Fitting the Vamp
  • 8."Entrecarne" Sewing
  • 9.Blake Stitching
  • 10.Covering the Stitching of the Soles
  • 11.Polishing
  • 12.Quality Inspection
  • 13.Packaging
In Castellano we only work with selected leathers from the North of Spain and Europe with the appropiate grade of texture and moisture to make your feet feel comfortable when wearing the shoes despite of the thickness of the leather.The base of a top product is that leathers are in a perfect condition.
In Castellano, the most of our shoes are hand-clicked, analizing the leather to separate the shortcomings and the damaged areas, touching and studing the thinkness and softness one by one.
The stitching process is very meticulously supervised by highly qualified workers. A good stitching makes a fine pair of shoes.
There is just no catch, all Castellano shoes are hand-lasted, one by one, by very highly skilled artisans. Nowdays almost nobody else do it by hand, only Castellano
This task is essential and very professional.The remaining leather after the lasting is cut with the cutting tool all around the last to make the exact gap to fit the vamp over it.
Once it has been cut with the cutting tool, the artisans pull hardly from it to take it off and get the gap to fit the vamp.
In that gap, once the remaining leather has been cut and took off by our artisans, they use small nails to hold the vamp to the last. Everything is ready for the great moment of…
Maybe this type of sewing is not very well known in the world. Castellano is one of only a couple of companies internationally that can be proud of being able to do it. It is very difficult and it needs many years of experience and vocation to being able to do it. The use of special leathers, unique threads and very wise hands are needed.
The "entrecarne" sewing of Castellano is what everybody would like to do but they can't because the best artisans work for the best brand, Castellano.
Our brand only uses top quality leather soles with different finishings. Naturally we use premium quality glues as well to join the upper with the soles but in Castellano all the soles are stitched with nylon waxed threads to make our shoes more durable.
In some of our shoes we covered the blake stitching of the soles. This kind of task, no very popular in other shoes, protects the stitching and improve the durability of the shoes.
Every single pair of shoes of Castellano is hand finished with creams and natural waxes. Its finishing is recognized for thousands of customers that day by day wear Castellano. Cleaning the shoes is very easy, just polishing them a little bit you can get a bright that makes them look as they are new.
Once the shoes are in the finishing area the quality is checked by at least 3 workment. Their goal is not to let even the slightest defect get past them so it won't arrive to the final user.
After the quality inspection the shoes are packed into boxes by expert hands taking care the shoes are no damaged so you will be able to wear a work of art that will walk with you for a very long time.
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