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Castellano’s story began in 1920, in a small artisan workshop in Madrid. The artisans made all the shoes by hand, from the design of the last to the finishing touches.

The process began with the measurement of the client's feet for the subsequent manufacturing of the wooden lasts. Afterwards, the craftsman would develop the patterns with which to dress the lasts in order to prepare a product of the highest quality. The highest quality raw materials came from the best tanneries and the leather soles from Igualada, Barcelona. Finally, the manual application of different waxes and creams gave the shoe a quality that was difficult to match.

The consolidation of a loyal clientele, both men and women who always order their loafers from Castellano, speaks to the brand’s position and place in Madrid, being a solid benchmark company.

The brand’s prestige increased between the late 60's and early 70's thanks to customers with very high expectations who trusted in a quality product and craftsmanship. Castellano introduced, among Madrid’s youth, its famous colt loafers with large fringe and tassels, as well as accessories such as pins and handbags.

The 200 model, a model shoe, was born in 1983. This model broke the mold in the Spanish footwear industry and, in the following decade, became the best-selling and most imitated shoe by countless companies, thanks to its entrecarnes stitching and its fine toecap.

However, the 800 model became the bestselling shoe in all of Castellano’s history, from its launch in 1989 to the present day. Its round last, the quality of its leathers, and the high vamp positioned this shoe as a benchmark in the national market. Proof of this can be found in the annual increase in sales, which now reaches 20,000 pairs per year.

The Castellano combination of both tradition and innovation has led to the development of new models such as the L100, the TRICALCE or the 3511, manufactured with leather from Padrón (Galicia) and handcrafted, as we have always done since our beginnings.

Castellano places its craftsmen’s hands at the service of its customers' feet, to create unique footwear of incomparable quality on the market. It is only Castellano if it carries the Castellano brand name.